Monday, 20 October 2014
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Kinderen van Triodus zetten zich in voor NF ROTTERDAM - De kinderen van de kindercentra van Triodus zijn deze zomer gestart met een benefietactie voor de Stichting Nina Foundation.
Logopedistendag ROTTERDAM - Op 3 oktober 2014 organiseert het ENCORE expertisecentrum een event om logopedisten te informeren met betrekking tot de verschillende communicatiesystemen zoals o.a. PODD.
Jubileum-aanbieding NF HEMMEN - speciale jubileumaanbieding voor betrokkenen van de Nina Foundation
Stem op de NF ROTTERDAM - De Nina Foundation is één van de genomineerden voor het 3M Fonds. Door op de Nina Foundation te stemmen kunt u ervoor zorgen dat zij in de finale komen en kans maken op 50.000 euro voor uitbreiding van het Expertise Centrum Angelman Syndroom.

Official Charity

The NF is certified by the Dutch Tax Authorities as an official charity. This means tax deductions are applicable when donating to the NF. Please contact us if you want to know what it could mean for you.


Both the commercial as well as the airing time we donated at no cost to the Nina Foundation. The Nina Foundation solely works with volunteers. The only costs we have are those for the Chamber of Commerce and the banking costs.

Nina Foundation Nieuws

Scientific research regarding the cause and treatment of the Angelman Syndrome. Scientific Research is the target of all efforts of the Nina Foundation. For this scope we finance various research efforts and we are the initiators of the Center of Expertise for A.S. (EAS) in the Erasmus MC Sophia Children Hospital in Rotterdam.

We also offer a bundle of professional and actual information about the A.S. on our website This is readily available to every parent who is interested, as well as researchers or educators. This site is also interesting for people, not directly involved but who would like to know more. For example: neighbours, family, friends and colleagues.

The Nina Foundation is a charity which has a managing board and committees with serious and committed volunteers. Without remuneration, they take care of the organisation, administration, the website, the translations, marketing, fund raising development and execution of events etc. But to realize all of this, more specifically the research, a lot of money is required.

Donating 1 euro? For each euro more than 98 cents goes to the NF. Read More about what you can do under ?Support Us?


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